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Foxtrot Technique


For beginners: When walking forward, head stays at the same height (like in Tango).

On side steps (e.g. swing step): rise & fall, push with outgoing ankle. Not so much on the side step in the basic I think, though some rise & fall may be acceptable there.

At higher levels: the second step is executed on both toes with heel never coming down, 1st & 3rd step are down.


Feet should always be on the floor.

When going forward, ball of the rear foot should stay on the floor.

When going back, push with the heel.

When walking, brush feet against each other as they are crossing. For example for magic step forward:

LF forward & brush past RF          (S)
RF forward & brush past LF          (S)
LF to RF & LF left                  (Q)
    (LF is moving in an L shaped path, not diagonally)
RF together                         (Q)


Frame can be lower elbows & closer which is more of a social frame, or higher elbows and upper body further apart from the partner which is more of a competition frame. In either case elbows should be at the same height in all figures.


Timing variations.