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Hustle Walks

New York Walk

From open position, leader's steps:

(rock forward:)
LF forward                                  (a)
rock RF                                     (1)

LF back                                     (2)
RF back/right diagonal 45d                  (3)

rotate L 90d & LF point left                (4)
    follower travels right to left in front of leader
LF forward behind follower &
    raise LH to lead follower's right turn  (5)
rotate L 90d & RF forward                   (6)

(repeat in the other direction)

(into back rock)

(4 and 5 count steps are both on LF.)

Leading considerations:

  1. LH must lead the walk for the follower, this means on (4) and (5) leader's LH must be extended left of the leader to continue pulling the follower along their traveling direction.
  2. As the follower performs right turn on (5), leader's LH must remain on follower's right side through (4) and (5) counts lest the follower is confused into a left turn. This requires the leader to really stretch out left arm.
  3. Leader's LH must stay up throughout the walk and is not to drop. This goes with the concept of a raised hand indicating a turn - there is a turn at the end for the follower.

Follower's steps:

RF back small                               (a)
LF forward                                  (1)
RF forward                                  (2)
LF forward                                  (3)
RF together                                 (a)
LF forward                                  (4)
RF forward                                  (5)
    & rotate R 180d
LF back small                               (6)

Lead forward of the follower rather than to the side:

With Sideways Lead

A variation of NY Walk is partners facing each other on (a-4) rather than being in perpendicular position. This is attained by the leader curving his line less on (2-3) and thus remaining slightly in the slot, and (somewhat confusingly) leading LH straight out on (a-4) instead of left of himself/forward of the follower. The follower is supposed to turn 45d left toward the leader on (a-4), then continue along her previous track into the right turn.

When executing the sideways lead, leader's LH is already right of the follower on (4), thus the right turn on (5) has a long lead preceding it and can be performed smoothly. Some followers may prefer this variation.

Without Leader Traveling

There is a version of NY Walk where the leader does back rocks rather than forward rocks on (a-1) and (a-4) and as a result stays mostly in one place. This version is much less dynamic overall and is awkward for the follower because she ends up rotating earlier and has to walk backwards on (3) and (6) rather than pivoting on those counts.

With Lock

Follower's steps:

RF back small                               (a)
LF forward                                  (1)
RF forward                                  (2)
LF together behind RF                       (a)
RF forward                                  (3)
LF forward                                  (4)
RF forward                                  (5)
    & rotate R 180d
LF back small                               (6)

With Back Hand Change

Las Vegas Walk

Leader's steps:

LF forward rock                             (a-1)
LF back                                     (2)
    & RH volleyball to rotate follower into shadow
RF back/right                               (3)
    & LH & RH conect with follower's wrists & push down
    & rotate L 90d

rotate follower 135d right
    & LF point L                            (a-4)
rotate follower 135d left & push follower forward
    & LF step in place                      (a-5)
RF back                                     (6)

Follower's steps:

RF back rock                                (a-1)
RF forward                                  (2)
rotate R 90d & LF left                      (3)

rotate R 45d & RF back slightly             (a)
rise on right toes & LF kick forward        (4)

rotate L 135d on RF ball & LF forward       (a)
RF forward                                  (5)

rotate R 180d & LF slightly back            (6)

On (a-4), leader must have both hands on follower's wrists, engaged. Leader is pressing down while follower is pushing the arms out. On (a) of (a-4) the follower should rise on the ball of RF concurrently with kicking LF, such that there is a single point of contact of RF with the floor which is what allows the leader to rotate the follower on (a-5).

On (a-5), leader rotates the follower from 135d right of the slot back into the slot and pushes follower forward to take the forward steps.

LA Walk

Leader's steps, from face to face open with LH connection:

LF forward rock                                             (a-1)
LF left off the slot & LH lead follower's forward movement &
    LH j-hook to lead follower's right turn                 (2)
rotate R 180d behind follower & connect LH to RH &
    RF forward                                              (3)

LF forward rock                                             (a-4)
LF left off the slot & lead follower's right turn           (5)
rotate R & RF forward in slot & lead follower's left turn   (6)

LA walk finishes with a LH to RH connection, from which the leader can do a circle to get back to normal LH connection.