Dance Resource

Salsa On1

Basic - FT


LF forward
rock R
LF together

RF back
rock L
RF together

Back Step / Back Rock Step / Back Basic

Leader's steps:

LF back, right of RF's track & rotate L 60d     (1)
rock RF                                         (2)
LF together & face forward                      (3)

RF back, left of LF's track & rotate R 60d      (5)
rock LF                                         (6)
RF together & face forward                      (7)

Same steps in On1 and On2.

Side Basic / Side Step


Right Turn From Center

Leader's steps:

(half basic:)
LF forward                                                            (1)
rock RF                                                               (2)
LF together slightly back of RF                                       (3)

RF left facing right behind LF, twist hips right but not shoulders    (5)
rotate R & put weight on LF & continue rotating R,                    (6)
    360d total rotation
(face starting direction &)
RF together, weight on RF                                             (7)