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East Coast Swing Technique


3 bounces in 6 counts. Accent even beats (2, 4, 6).


Leader's LH can be at follower's waist height with palm up like in AS swing, or close to hustle hold at follower's chest height with palm vertical. Both holds are apparently valid.

Back Rock

Back rock should open away from partner, seemingly in all steps including basic in closed. This is unlike AS swing where back rock only opens for tucks and is otherwise closed with partners maintaining relative position through, for example, closed basic.

Back rock in EC swing has cuban motion-like movement with hips, again unlike AS swing which doesn't ever have cuban motion.

Triple Steps

The second step in a triple step should be next to the first step, with the third step spaced out.

At least some instructors teach even rhythm on the triple steps (unlike lindy hop/American social swing in which the spacing between first and second triple is greater than between second and third triple).

Triple steps should have a sideways pendulum movement with the hips, unlike AS swing in which the triple steps are normally horizontal.


Side to side movement is lead with ribs, and ribs pull in the direction of travel.


Ribs & hips are opposite when moving side to side: when going left, right hip is up and left rib is pulling.

Smaller steps make hip movements seem bigger.

Side to side movement should look like a pendulum - outer hip should rise at the extreme left and right ends. Only do this in triple steps, not between back rock and first triple step.

Bent leg is shorter if heel of that foot is on the floor.

Exercise: bend left leg, then straighten left leg & bend right leg in place. Keep torso steady - move hips only.

Also move hips on back rock - left foot is bent on back rock. But keep LF bent between back rock and first triple step, only bend RF on second triple step.

Head should be at constant height throughout the dance, body should be diagonal to absorb delta in height due to hip movement.


The second step in a triple step should be next to the first step, with the third step spaced out further.

Can think about pushing one foot with the other foot in the middle of the triple.


Weight is always kept forward (over balls of feet) throughout the dance.


For rotating CCW: LF forward, bent, step on toes. use straightening of the forward foot to rotate. Drag RF throughout the rotation (do not swing it). Push on RF to stop rotation. Turn head before turning body (spotting) - look in final direction.

Practice 1/4 and 1/2 turns (90d & 180d of direction change). Also practice forward triple setp into 180d turn.