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Unlike dance holds, when dipping RH should have the fingers spread out to attain maximum contact area with the follower.


Follower can comfortably dip back and lunge forward, sideways dips are not comfortable for her. Leader can comfortably lunge sideways while being able to support the follower, forward and back lunges are not stable. Therefore at the beginning of a dip the partners are generally in a perpendicular position, so that the leader can lunge sideways while the follower dips straight forward/back.

Front To Side Dip

This is essentially the same as swing's dip in front.

Neck Dip

From face to face position, follower executes a left turn with LH lead. When follower is back to the leader, leader places RH on follower's right shoulder with the back of the hand contacting the follower. As the follower completes the turn, leader's RH goes behind the follower's neck. RH should be pointing down, with right wrist contacting the follower's neck. RH fingers should be spread out to attain maximum contact area with the follower.

Then, rotate the follower left 90d to be perpendicular to the leader, establish body to body contact with the follower, take a step sideways with LF and dip the follower left.

The dip should initially be in the body with the arm maintaining shape. Once full body drop is established, the arm can extend to straight as the follower continues lowering. Eventually the follower would release her LH from the leader, at which point the dip reaches minimum height.

Bring the follower up by contracting the arms simultaneously with weight transfer from LF to RF.

During the dip, follower can support herself with RH on leader's left shoulder and LH on leader's left arm. At the full extesion follower must release LH connection. The dip can also be performed with only leader's RH connection to the follower's back for the entire duration.

Cuddle Back Dip

This dip starts from cuddle with right turn entry, and with leader and follower perpendicular. The right turn entry is not always how a cuddle is done (for example, in hustle the cuddle normally has a left turn entry, and right turn "cuddle" is properly a neck wrap. Also, the partners must be perpendicular which again is not how cuddles are usually done, so that the follower dips back and the leader lunges to the side.

From cuddle in perpendicular position with RH on top, leader steps sideways with RF creating a lunge and initiating the dip.

Then, use RH to start moving follower's LH out of the cuddle and up. As soon as possible straighten LH in front of the follower. "In front" means, since the follower is dipped somewhat already, leader's hands should be on his left side because the follower is on his right side and angled.

Once follower's LH is straight, straighten follower's RH while keeping both of her hands in front of her. Then lower the follower as much as comfortable.

Bring the follower up by contracting arms simultaneously with moving weight from RF to LF.

Note that cuddle already offers a large amount of body contact, a requirement for dips.

Up And Side Dip

From double hand hold, bring the follower close and raise both hands to put her on her toes. Rotate the hands to rotate the follower left 90d into perpendicular position. Then take a side step left, lower both hands and dip the follower to the left.

Bring the follower up by contracting arms simultaneously with moving weight from LF to RF.